How to Stop Planning and Start Writing

Today we will talk with you about what to do in order to write good texts or, at least, start writing in general. There are some of the most important rules that, when learned, can help finally put aside doubts and start writing.

  • Write as much as possible

As it is said: “If you want to be a writer, you first need to do two things: read a lot and write a lot”.It was used by such authors as Stephen King, Ray Bradbury, and James Fry. In particular, King advises, for starters, to write six thousand words a week, one thousand words a day. In the future, of course, it is better to write without days off. After all, a real writer is not the one who can write, but who can’t live without writing.The main thing is not to be distracted by free russian dating sites while working.

  • Read different books

The second rule concerns what is worth reading. Of course, it is better to read books of the genre in which you want to write. But it is important to read not only good but also bad books. This is also said in Stephen King’s work. He argues that reading something of poor quality, we can understand how not to write. And this, sometimes, is even more important than understanding how to write. If you understand what mistakes should be avoided, then this is already 50 percent of success.

  • Choose a good workplace

It doesn’t have to be a huge office with a large wooden table. The main thing is that this “place” should be in your head. That is, you should be able to completely abstract away from the outside world. Let it be two or three hours a day, which you will spend in a completely different dimension you have created.

  • Find your own muse

For many beginning and already practicing writers, a muse is an excellent excuse. “There is no inspiration,” “I will wait for the muse to come.” All this is complete nonsense. For example, Ray Bradbury, in his book, tells that the muse shudders at the sharp sound, turns pale if you ask her a question, and is carried away if someone disturbs her. And although the writers’ visions diverge somewhat, all of them argue that you shouldn’t wait for the muse and be guided by her. You must follow your own senses.

  • Describe characters

Characters are a very significant part of the story, if not the most important. Then you just get the answer to the question: “Where to start writing?” You need to start writing with characters. It is necessary to create their image, to describe the nature and history of relationships with other heroes. It is also important to describe the story of their life from birth to the current moment, in order to understand how these characters were formed and what caused their actions.

  • Come up with the idea

The idea is quite controversial. For example, James Fry claims that without an idea, it’s impossible to write a good novel. He always asks himself the question: “What will my book be about?” For example, it may carry the idea that “love always wins,” “good is stronger than evil,” etc. It is very important not to confuse the idea with the plot. The plot tells about what will be in the book and the idea – what the author wants to say with this book.