How to Promote Your Book Easily

If the book is written for yourself, your family and friends, then a small printed run and an electronic file of the book can solve the problem completely. But if you write to earn money, confirm your professional or other expert statuses, receive feedback from many readers, you can do it without marketing efforts and various forms of promotion. And then you need to know how to act and what tools to use. There are several options and points of effort to promote your book:

  1. Promotion of the book in social networks

Here you can place information about the book on your personal page (about its creation, reviews, excerpts, and photographs, external materials accompanying your topic, etc.). But you can also create a new group by calling friends from your personal page there – this is also relevant if you have several books or other projects and activities related to this topic, and it is also more logical when using paid promotions in social networks. Here, if you wish, you can make your mini-store and sell your book by sending it to customers by mail.

  • Book site

It will require some money. The free option is a web page on the resource where the book is made – it will be promoted along with the developer’s website and developed (receive new functionality) also at the developer’s expense. This option has a lot of advantages and doesn’t require large investments. The inability to develop independently is the only minus here.

  • Sales of books in stores

It is believed that a book, standing on a shelf of a store is itself a serious advertising action. The presentation of the book in the store can be both paid and free, it depends on the popularity of the time of the meeting. The disadvantages of sales through intermediaries (wholesalers and shops) include the lack of feedback from readers and full-fledged statistics, as well as a low level of income from sales. But in the case of online stores, feedback and statistics can be seen, but within the rules of this store.

  • Participation in writing competitions and other activities

There are a lot of contests, combined creative meetings, courses, etc. As a rule, you need to pay the participation fee. But as a result, organizers offer personal reviews and, at best (for winners of a competition), publishing in a publishing house at its expense and under its brand.

  • Articles in the media and blogs

In addition to personally written posts, you can resort to help of other people: these can be bloggers, experts in the field to which your book belongs, journalists and famous people. Articles can be published in industry magazines or blogs (if you are interested in them, it will be free, in the format of interviews or recommendation announcements), in blogs of famous people or bloggers, on reviews sites, book recommendation services and social networks like. These articles can be written by both interested parties (bloggers, journalists, editors) for free according to your theses, and specialists – for a fee.

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